Who among us is wise?

Our lesson March 30 will explore Proverbs 8 and 9 and discuss the difference between wisdom and knowledge. How does one gain wisdom? I believe a significant avenue is to hang around wise people. And I also believe The Journey is a room filled with wise people. I want to dig deep into knowledge and wisdom and discuss how wise people who are Christians and earnestly seeking to live in right relationship with God and with each other, can sincerely differ on important topics.

How can that be so? We find it in our discussions and, to me, the differences are invigorating. A lesson writer says, “Lord, help me to remember that all the truth I know is not ALL the truth!” We learn from each other. Come Sunday and teach us.

What will you pay for?

I’m sure you get as aggravated as I do when you click on an internet link to see a news clip or some interesting item a friend sent you, only to be forced to watch an advertisement before you can see the clip you want. I was following a link today and a “skip this ad” window came up.


I clicked on the skip ad only to discover it was an advertisement for a service that “for a few pennies each time” would allow me to skip the pop up ads. Wow. So if i’m willing to pay for it, I can relieve myself of my greatest online aggravation. But am I wiling to pay for it?

The WFDD semi annual fund drive bugs me with a week of incessant on air pleading for operating funds. I love WFDD (well, except for the arts talk that always comes on during my drive home). But am I willing to pay for it? If I’m not, I’m listening in and riding on another person’s nickel.

We had a marvelous worship service Sunday morning Nov. 17, in which we celebrated our incredibly beautiful and functional worship space. Our church has been in it for 10 years. On the 10th anniversary, we called a new minister of music and worship arts. Nice timing. Our sanctuary may be the most beautiful Baptist sanctuary I’ve been in; and as a denominational worker many years, I’ve been in a lot. But are we willing to pay for it?

Our sacred space was built for a cost of $6 million. With a marvelous bequest from Mr. Westmoreland of almost $600,000 which we learned about Sunday, and with expected year-end gifts, our debt should be under $1 million by year end. Many of us have joined the church since the sanctuary was built. We kind of snuck in after all the fund raising campaign was done for the project. We’ve been riding on another group’s nickel. We love the space, but are we willing to pay for it?

Nothing is free. I’ve heard it said that God’s grace is free, but Jesus paid quite a price for us. As we consider our beautiful sanctuary and the ministries of our church, let’s look inside to be sure that our support reflects our appreciation.